Get Boxing, Fatties

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 109 months ago
Get Boxing, Fatties

swimming.jpg There's no money for three rape crisis centres, but the Mayor has announced £15.5m of investment (with another £15m hopefully from the private sector) in grassroots sporting projects across the capital. Plans include six boxing academies, two mobile swimming pools and a "street athletics" programme (whatever that is) for 10-19 year olds. With one in five London children classed as clinically obese and 2012 looming, Boris said "this is a once in a lifetime chance to increase sport participation and activity, tackle social and health inequalities". The idea is that we'll be the first host city to spark a sustained interest in sport, rather than encouraging us to sit on our hineys and watch. We'll see. Pass the popcorn, yeah? (Image / gemmacide)

Last Updated 29 April 2009


Why the negative spin? Sounds like Boris has actually pulled his finger out and done something positive...By the way I'm only guessing, but I really don't think funding for rape centres and sports programmes would necessarily chanelled through the same avenues, so the comparison doesn't make sense.

Tom Williams

Mobile swimming pools? A swimming pool (one of decent sporting dimensions, anyway) is probably one of the least mobile things I can think of - no wonder there's so much money involved.