First Run To The Olympic Park Tomorrow Morning

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First Run To The Olympic Park Tomorrow Morning

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running to the cupcake
If the today's morning sunshine continues into Sunday, you might want to know about the Newham Classic 10k race taking place around Stratford, leading to the Olympic Park. It's too late to nab a race entry, but if you're up and about tomorrow why not pop down to have a gander and support the community trying to get fit?

The Newham Classic 10k is the baby of our very own favourite Team GB javelin-meistress Tessa Sanderson. Since her Olympic glory and famous Fatima rivalry a few (ahem) years back, she has passionately devoted herself to improving Newham, one of the most disadvantaged areas of the country now being transformed by hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We presume she'll be running, although perhaps not avec javelin as she could have someone's eye out with that.

As the Olympic Stadium nears completion (haven't we got 3 years still to go?!), this is the first race to the Olympic Park - so participants and spectators will get a really good view of the iconic 'cupcake' and the other venues also now appearing from the ground.

Starter's pistol is at 9am, with the winner passing the finish line after 9.30 or so - most others will get there by 10. If you don't know where the Olympic Park is, head for Stratford station - details here. This Londonista is taking part, of course, but running very slowly as it's merely a gentle warm-up to the Marathon next Sunday. We'll post details of where's best to catch Marathon action (and where to avoid like the plague) in the week.

Cupcake stadium pic provided by Emily Woods

NB - loving the background music to Tessa Sanderson's official video, here

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