Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


  • King Edward VI has been granted a licence for gay stripping. If you see what we mean.
  • A Hillingdon gym set to train 2012ers has closed over a rent dispute.
  • London's all set for a circus bonanza this year.
  • A rather complex 1 hour ticketing system has been touted for London's buses....
  • ...just as it is suggested that Oyster users pay a deposit to cut the cost of lost cards.
  • Two North Londoners have been arrested in connection with the macabre dismembered body case.
  • City types, by essexdiver via the Londonist flickr pool.

    Last Updated 23 April 2009


    One hour bus tickets are a great idea! They've got these on continental Europe and it works a trick. The idea's simple - you can change onto a different bus within an hour of buying your ticket - great for journeys where you need to change buses, and a particular boon for people who live near the end of a route. Is it really "rather complex"?

    At the moment it's cheaper for people to make some journeys by tube than by bus where a change of bus would be necessary. It's a smart idea to try and incentivise people to move off the overcrowded tubes and onto buses.

    In Nice, for example, they manage to explain it rather succinctly with a message on the back of the ticket along the lines of "valid for unlimited changes on bus and tram within 74 minutes, as long as a return journey is not made" - it was so, so, useful when I was there, and it would be great to see it here too.