100,000 Electric Cars Promised For London's Streets

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 117 months ago
100,000 Electric Cars Promised For London's Streets

Image courtesy of Jamie McK from the Londonist Flickr pool
Boris wants to make London "the electric car capital of Europe". He's announced plans to get 100,000 electric cars on our streets, including 1,000 GLA vehicles by 2015 as well as bringing charging points to 25,000 public places and a fifth of all new parking spots.

Which is, of course, yay! But - there's always a but, isn't there? - he's only supplying a third of the £60m needed to get this electric revolution started. There is a £250m government fund available to incentivise us to buy low carbon vehicles and the Mayor wants to get a big bite of this, but it's not guaranteed (and if the Labour vs Boris spat continues, who knows if he'll get his cash, especially since the government want to spend some of it on giving people £2k subsidies to buy electric cars). The rest is expected to come from the private sector - but with the economy the way it is, can we really see developers splashing out on charging points when they can barely fund the actual construction costs?

The second but - we're butting up against buts today - are the green claims themselves. Electric cars aren't the big air polluters that fossil fuelled cars are but they're still only as green as the electricity going into them. As the London Array looks for a bailout, BP Solar slashes jobs (yet promises to somehow increase capacity) and the G20 summit barely giving low carbon and renewable energy a mention, this has the potential to be so much greenwash.

Last Updated 09 April 2009