Wandsworth Are Not Amoosed

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 109 months ago
Wandsworth Are Not Amoosed

Cow.jpg It's official: councils have no sense of humoour. Or at least, not Wandsworth, who've demanded that a fake cow outside Buckley's Butchers in Putney has to be remooved for lowering the tone. Buttercup has been doing promootional duties for a moonth and is a big hit with kids and grown-ups alike, but now it looks like she'll be put out to grass. Wandsworth Council ruminated on the issue, but decided it was the thin end of the wedge (cheese - milk - cows; ohnevermind) and might encourage other pavement decorations which could obstruct wheelchair users. (Please, nobody shout 'health and safety'.) Have these grumps never heard of Cow Parade? Oh well, at least the local paper had fun. (Image / foxypar4)

Last Updated 11 March 2009


Congratulations on not using the udder potential headline: "Wandsworth Council Like To Moove It, Moove It."


Well at least it isn't another case aka the Milton Keynes concrete cows !!