Unchained Mini-Guide to Marylebone High Street

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Unchained Mini-Guide to Marylebone High Street

Marylebone High Street - an awesome Unchained day out

Unless you're a regular at a Harley Street facelift clinic, you probably don't walk past Marylebone High Street very often. But let us assure you that - with or without Botox - this place will put a great big smile on your face. Nestled in amongst the growing number of chichi French chainstores and high street carbuncles are some Unchained gems you won't find anywhere else. And if you come here on a Sunday, you'll also get to visit the Marylebone Farmer's Market - which we're assured is the finest in the whole of London-town. Here's a baker's dozen of our favourite shopping gems:

Caroline and friends - A haven of handcrafted goodness where the shopowner can tell you everything about who made what.

Cox & Power - Ring the bell to be welcomed inside a decadent jewellery shop full of one-off wonders.

Ash footwear - The coolest shoes this side of Milan. High-heeled Cons, anyone?

Rococo Chocolates - Easter's coming, people! Get your loved one a chocolate egg they'll never forget!

Kabiri - If you don't want to wear jewellery that looks like everyone else's, this is the place for you.

Daunt Books - When we tell people about Unchained they very often say “Is Daunt Books on the site?” The answer is yes. And for a very good reason.

Divertimenti - Whatever you want for the kitchen, you'll find it here. Including cookery lessons!

Ginger Pig - Happy animals produce good meat. And that, in turn, makes us very happy. Yum.

La Fromagerie - This is without a doubt one of the best cheese shops you'll ever find. Let the friendly, expert staff help you create the perfect cheese board.

Other Criteria - The home of Damien Hirst's publishing company. It's half bookshop, half gallery - but neither half is immersed in formaldehyde.

Tracey Neuls - Tracey is a widely recognised artisan of quirky foot-furniture. The shop is every bit as intriguing as her shoes.

KJ's Laundry - A lovingly-curated mix of established labels with up-and-coming designers. A fashionista's paradise.

The Button Queen - Put the funk into functional with some interesting fastenings. But please wait three weeks until they move across the road to new premises!

Last Updated 12 March 2009