Nature-ist: Chiswick Riverside

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Nature-ist: Chiswick Riverside

What is it? The Chiswick section of the glorious Thames Path that runs all the way from the source of the Thames in the Cotswolds down to the Thames Barrier at Woolwich.

Where is it? Not surprisingly, adjoining the Thames, at the most easterly and southerly borders of Chiswick. Cross the A4 or the Great West Road as it is called in these parts, determinedly go past the Fuller's Griffin Brewery, resisting all temptation. Walk down the Chiswick Mall and Thames Crescent to reach this verdant heaven of tree-lined tracks with the Thames on one side and the bucolic expanse of Dukes Meadows on the other, going as far as your legs can carry you.

Why has it tickled our fancy? Barely minutes from the noise and madness of the A4, it takes you by sheer surprise as the trees block out the sounds of city life and you get transported to an almost countryside setting. Great for walking, running and in parts, cycling. Even better for just shutting out the world, watching the river, lazing with a book, or a bit of wildlife spotting. Generally peaceful, except for the airplanes on descent course to Heathrow that pass directly overhead every few minutes.

Nature notes: Plenty of wetland grasses - and now that it's spring - flowers. Several weeping willows. Ducks, swans, gulls, grebes and the occasional kingfisher. Squirrels abound. The author has spotted foxes a couple of times. Oh, and the ubiquitous pigeons. There's no escaping them in London!

By Shilpa Bhatnagar

Last Updated 04 March 2009