Minor Delays: A Story For Every Station

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 167 months ago
Minor Delays: A Story For Every Station

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Thanks to reader Ben Henley who brought to our attention Minor Delays: an entertaining and savagely ambitious project by writer Holly Gramazio, in which she is writing a short story named after every Tube and DLR station, in alphabetical order. She started in January this year, and is currently up to Brixton.

Uploading three tales a week, the author anticipates she'll get to the end of the line (that'll be Woolwich Arsenal) by 2011, well in time to give our Olympic guests something topical to read as they wait for a delayed train. Though ostensibly set in each station's locale, Gramazio's inventiveness leads her tales into unexpected alleyways and, at their laconic, first-person best, manage to capture the city's character with brevity and brio.

Our current fave is Bermondsey, which concerns the Department of Architectural Futures, a graveyard for London's many construction follies that never got built. This is a truly impressive feat and a fantastic addition to London's storytelling tradition, and is surely deserving of a published version when complete. Get reading now.

Last Updated 30 March 2009