London On The Cheap: 27 March-2 April

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London On The Cheap: 27 March-2 April

Gather your pocket change and hold your head high. There's some place to be every day of the week, no matter how skint you think you are. London provides.

Friday: Underground Edinburgh weirdos Forest Fringe are setting up shop in the BAC and not to be missed: a whole raft of theatrical experiments, installations, encounters, and general adventure all for £5/£3 concs.Saturday: Fashion swaps continue to proliferate, and we still can't complain. Kilburn's College of North West London is hosting this Spring Cleaning and it's more than just free stuff: at practical workshops you can refashion the bits you find into something completely different, or embellish them with new prints.Sunday: If you've ever been to the venerable, melancholy, artfully crumbling Wiltons Music Hall, you know that the building can sometimes upstage the show — it can actually be disappointing to be herded off for a curtain call when you really just want to explore. Today, on the venue's 150th birthday, an Open House offers no interruptions nor ticket price. Just show up and linger.Monday: Tonight is the last Jonny Awsum's Bucks Fizz Quiz at Punk in Soho. In the likely event that you've never been to one, this is your final chance to win a bottle of champagne and a carton of orange juice with your cutting-edge knowledge of celebrity gossip.Tuesday: The medieval Paracelsus made great contributions to medicine and science but never did it discreetly. Contemporaries branded him the Devil's Doctor, and the Dana Centre remembers him tonight. Befitting the colourful personality, it's no dull lecture but a "feast of grotesque theatre" in store.Wednesday: You've looked at the moon, but have you ever really looked at it? Not through the Royal Observatory's 28-inch refracting telescope, we'll bet. Walk in and have a close study all week starting today, declared the Spring Moonwatch. With the most powerful refracting scope in the UK, it's like Google Moon without the street view.Thursday: Treadwell's bookshop in Covent Garden has its devotees, but the talks they host are mighty esoteric for most of us. Tonight might be a good start, keeping it pop culture and sounding like a delight. R'Occult 'n' Roll
is a history of dark influences in popular music, featuring choice tunes from the Devil's Playlist.

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