Listen Up: Pixie Lott

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Listen Up: Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

The music world is filled with forthcoming releases from sparkly girls who count the synth as their best friend. There's so many of them that we think some real gems might end up getting lost. Instead Mercury Records are touting their next big hope as the perfectly named Pixie Lott. Thankfully free of the retro vibes that's been overpowering us, Pixie's songs aren't deep brain scratchers. They're simply light, fun pop songs that we'll be singing along to as we blast Capital out in the sunshine. Perfect if you want your Leona with a bit of bounce or Tash Bed without the slight strangeness.

Awarded a management deal a few years ago, Pixie's been off in America working with big pop songwriters but is now back in the UK getting ready for the release of her first single 'Mama Do' in May. Check her out at myspace and if you like what you hear, read on for our quick ten minutes we grabbed with Pixie last week.

Hey Pixie! What's going on?

Heyyyy! I'm Pixie Lott and I'm a singer originally from Kent, but now living in Brentwood, edging my way closer to London year by year.

We're liking your style. What's the plan?

My first single 'Mama Do' is out in May and I am overly excited! Before then, I'll be doing lotsa promo stuff, interviews (like this), making my video and rehearsing with my new band all that kind of stuff...

So what can we expect from you?

I've got a young soulful, poppy vibe I think. I've been working with some amazingly talented songwriter/producers in London, LA, Atlanta and New York, just to name a few, Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins, Kara Dioguardi, Daniel Bedingfield, Eg White, Greg Kursten etc... It's good to travel to record, as well as work in and around London because there are sooo many amazing people to hitch up with...

What do you miss most about the UK when you're abroad? Defo my friends and being around young company.. also sweetcorn they never seem to have it in the American Subways?!

You're from Kent originally - did you always try and sneak on the train to London at weekends?

Haha I literally am in London like everyday because I just love it up there - it's where all the action is! One time... when I was about 14 and used to live in Bromley me and my friend pretended we were going to the shopping centre there... but on the spur of the moment we hopped on a train to london and did the real shops in oxford street! We got back in time and my mum never found out... till now!

What's your favourite gig venue in the capital? I absolutely love Koko because the people are so cool in there and the music rocks.

Which one would you personally love to play at? Hmm probably somewhere like The Palladium because I performed there as a kid and I'd like to go back and have my own show.

What's your favourite club night in London & why? Well I always find myself either in Koko because I love the crowd or places like Studio Valbonne, Mahiki or Monroe's because we blag our way in for free. Failing that Fabric cos it stays open late, but really - wherever will take us!

What's your favourite song at the moment? I absolutely am loving Adele's Right As Rain at the moment because it makes me happy if I'm down. I blast it all around my house when i wake up for the day, me and my friend just recently made up a dance to it too so i find myself doing it alot!

What other new London artists should we be checking out? I have a singer friend called Michael Duke who is currently writing and recording and he has the most amazing voice you'll ever hear!

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