Horseplay: A Cop's Worse (Night)Mare

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 109 months ago
Horseplay: A Cop's Worse (Night)Mare

2703_horse.jpg A report from the Metropolitan Police Authority has revealed that at least 72 officers have suffered broken bones through "horseplay" or "lack of skill" during training. Over the 07-08 period, 19% of reported injuries came through mandatory training exercises, while fractured wrists, ankles and, remarkably, chests were suffered as officers learned to make arrests. For once PCSOs aren't to blame, as they represent only 5% of reported incidents. The Met, longtime masters of understatement, admitted that training "carries an element of risk", and said that a study will address the growing problem of foal play. (Photo / Nick Holdstock)

Last Updated 27 March 2009


"...lack of skill" during training."

Isn't that what training is for; to teach skills?

"Horseplay?" In this age of video game zombies and couch potatoes, anybody who engages in real life physical activity probably seems like a freak to the desk-bound bureaucrats.


I've been biting my tongue but can't cope anymore. Please correct the error in the headline of this article or is 'Worse' some kind of horse or cop related pun I'm missing?