Greenwich Village Market Closing This Weekend

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 111 months ago
Greenwich Village Market Closing This Weekend

Weep, market lovers, for the passing of the Greenwich Village Market. No, not the covered market by the Cutty Sark; the quirky, larger market that had vintage clothes stalls, interesting art and bizarre antiques. No more geisha girl leading the way to the bottle shop. No more hours spent flicking through old map reproductions. We always felt Greenwich Village Market was South London's equivalent to Camden, except less full of teenage goths, less commercialised and with room to swing a kitten, at least.

But this weekend marks its end. Originally earmarked for (yet another) housing development which has now fallen through, the landowners have still given the shops and stalls notice to quit. We're not the only ones sad about it - The Greenwich Phantom is bereft and Andrew Gilligan is foaming at the mouth - and the lack of anything to replace the market only makes its closure more senseless. The University of Greenwich have reportedly shown interest and there are suggestions that Greenwich Covered Market could move there during its own redevelopment works, but at present it seems the Stockwell Street site is destined to remain a wasteland.

At least Brixton Market has been (temporarily?) saved from the same developer that's closing Camden Passage. A small ray of light in an otherwise gloomy era for non-homogeneous shopping.

Last Updated 16 March 2009


I went to the market a couple of weeks ago - it was a sorry state. All my favourite stalls where I picked up items of 'junk' and ephemera were selling off bulk loads (good for me, bad for them) and it was a sad day.
Like all 'village' areas of London, Greenwich is having it's heart ripped out. Starbucks, McDonalds, Subway, Superdrug, Waterstones ... it's like any other high street now.
I'm all for change if it's positive for an area - unfortunately this isn't.


Like many Greenwich residents I was disappointed that the superb Greenwich Village Market in SE London is no more. My family and I had spent many pleasant afternoons there looking for interesting bargains.

I would like to suggest a new venue for the Market that might be of interest for the traders and visitors alike.

The Tudor Barn in Eltham is now under new management and is situated in the beautiful park known as the Well Hall Pleasaunce.

Behind the Barn is a concreted area that is an ideal spot for Arts & Craft or Brik a Brak stalls or even a Farmers Market.

On the weekend there are lots of visitors to the Park and Tudor Barn. Parking is available and there are good public transport links with the Train Station and many bus routes are nearby.

Now that Spring is coming it would be wonderful to visit a small independent local market again in such a pretty location.