Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists

Photo by Michael D'Amico.

  • Torontoist interviewed Anser, the newly-unveiled artist behind dozens of spray-painted faces that dotted the city over the previous two years.
  • Gothamist watched as some NYU students occupied the student center with varied demands (amnesty! transparency! scholarships to Palestinians). It ended with arrests...and there was a topless component (NSFW).
  • Bostonist photographed the impressive interior of the new House of Blues, but had to wait in line for music, leaving us skeptical about the venue's future.

  • Chicagoist dealt with escorts on Twitter and is already making plans for Rick Santelli's Chicago Tea Party.

  • Phillyist talked about what turns them on: naked musicians and food porn.

  • Londonist didn't quite get a medal for being the first to check out the newly re-opened Monument to the Great Fire of London.

  • Seattlest was overrun by an unplanned Wildlife Week that included a monkey, 40 orcas, a lion king...and naked sea kittens. Oh my!

  • LAist held a heated debate about the leaked photo of Rihanna following her fight with Chris Brown.

  • DCist discussed Washington D.C.'s coolness factor, or alleged lack thereof.

  • SFist wept after learning that Gap founder Don Fisher's grandiose art museum plans will kill one of San Francisco's few remaining bowling alleys.

  • Last Updated 22 February 2009