Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists


  • LAist watched with the rest of the city as a man in a white Bentley led cops on a 3-hour chase that ended with the driver—no, not Chris Brown, and not DJ Khaled—fatally shooting himself in the head.
  • Londonist followed in the footsteps of ambitious Victorian tourist James Patterson by completing the epic Patterson Challenge in 8 hours (and near-blizzard conditions).

  • Houstonist spent time pondering the upside to living in our sprawling metropolis besides being home to the hottest cheerleader in the NFL.

  • Torontoist reveled in two big media faux pas, as one paper's tech reporter freaked out on Twitter, and another paper's editors missed an errant "breast."

  • SFist asked readers to share their worst breakup stories for Valentine's Day.

  • Seattlest was thinking about upscale eats, taking a pro-foie gras stance and taking a $5 cupcake down a peg.

  • Bostonist celebrated Charles Darwin's 200th birthday and even took pictures.

  • Gothamist was shocked when a man was struck by a car and then dragged by another for 17 miles—on three highways—before his body was discovered. Neither driver was charged.

  • Chicagoist took umbrage with being named America's Third Most Miserable City by Forbes Magazine.

  • DCist reported on a Fox News producer busted for kiddie porn.

  • Phillyist wondered why SEPTA used the New York skyline on their Philly Beer Week Transpass.

  • Shanghaiist raised an eyebrow when they heard Daft Punk was playing a secret gig in Shanghai... only to find out later that they'd been Daft Punked by a bunch of ingenious scammers.

  • Last Updated 15 February 2009