The More it Snows, Tiddly Pom....

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The More it Snows, Tiddly Pom....

0102.snow.jpg Right, so we all know it's cold. They keep telling us. And Londonist's toes, tiddly pom (there's a university course on the hums of Pooh?), are very everso cold. Eastern England gets to share in the fun this time, as the cold stuff is coming from Europe. Snow and wind: great combination. Gonna be a joyous Monday morning, commuter types. Anyway - share the misery/joy with us. Send us your piccies. Tell us about your journey to work tomorrow. IF (note the big if) it is as bad as they say, we'll keep you updated and grace you with a sparkly white photo gallery. If not, well, ho hum. (Image/Massimo Usai)

Last Updated 01 February 2009


Ah, should have left the link here then. ;)


Cool piccies, Manne. Thanks!