Peaches' Marriage Goes Mouldy

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Peaches' Marriage Goes Mouldy

Peaches Geldof: halo needs a polish

As Valentine's day 09 edges ever closer we bring sad news from the world of young Brit-Brat pack coupledom. The magnificently po-faced Peaches Geldof has split from her husband, American musician Max Drummey, after a mere six months of New York wedlock. Whilst their joint statement insists the divorce was a result of "much soul searching," the peroxide pouter seemed fairly resigned to an inevitable split just months into the marriage, telling Heat magazine: "I'm realistic-you can't ignore divorce rates." And indeed, whilst Peaches has eloquently dubbed her quickie pre-marital courtship "this really archaic romanceĀ…like this ball of energy," she also seems to have fostered rather more pedestrian motivations for her nuptuals: "When I'm old, I can tell my kids this stuff. Not everyone who's 19 gets married in Vegas." We wonder why, Peaches. Having already had a charming rope and noose designed by ex-boyfriend Faris Badwan inked onto her wrist she's now also permanently imprinted with the name of her ex-husband, who wisely plumped for a little 'P' on his finger himself. However, don't shed a tear for Peaches, there seems to be no chance of her sobbing into her Haagen Daaz this 14th February. Rumour has it that her extremely close 'friendship' with yet another identikit indie-boy Donald Cumming is the final straw that broke the bower of her wedded bliss.

By Amy Dawson, image from Life in LDN's Flickr stream.

Last Updated 11 February 2009