No Business Like Show Business Has No Business In The City

By Amanda Last edited 121 months ago
No Business Like Show Business Has No Business In The City

We've all heard stories about teen stars with overbearing parents trying to muscle their way in on their child's moment in the spotlight (Joe Simpson, anyone?). But it's rare to hear of repercussion for said parent outside of annoyed members of the music industry or media.

Kate Cassidy has been forced to quit her day job while helping her son pursue musical stardom. The City trader was given the sack by Tullett Prebon who claimed 'gross misconduct' because Cassidy devoted too much time to promoting her son Sam's fledgling career.

Cassidy was on a £200k salary, excluding hundreds of thousands of income in bonuses and stock options. She is, rather predictably, seeking legal action against Tullett Prebon for wrongful termination to the tune of £1.5m. Hey, some mums need to get to football games, and some mums need to pencil in time to sort out recording contracts.

Sam's best selling effort to date was the club hit, 'Bad Day All Week.' Do you think the irony has been lost on his mom?

Image courtesy of Lulu Vision under the Creative Commons License.

Last Updated 03 February 2009