New Mortuary For North London

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New Mortuary For North London

Catacombs, Graves, Dissenters & Spooks Fans of CSI disappointed that there is still not a CSI: London on TV can take morbid pleasure in a new state-of-the-art underground mortuary in Haringey. Opened on Monday this week, the whizzy £3million design comes with a sweltering amount of detail:

- twice as big as the current Hornsey mortuary

- for the deceased of Haringey, Enfield, Barnet, Harrow and Brent

- can store up to 54 corpses at a time, with nine pull-out fridges and a special obese fridge for plus-size bodies

- has a viewing gallery so relatives and police can watch post-mortems in progress (those that are relevant to them, of course, not a random viewing with refreshments of whatever body is being analysed...)

- a bereavement garden surrounding the site and a landscaped roof to provide space for mourners

- is unique as a standalone mortuary rather than a department within a hospital

- cost £100 per inch sunk into the ground during the build as the site is in a conservation area. Considering it's a massive underground facility, that's a lot of inches and a lot of money.

While we're more accustomed to celebrating new arts theatres rather than new post-mortem theatres, it's still good news. From death comes life and the cycle continues: the new facility brought redevelopment and regeneration to a run-down part of north London and it's good to know that those who end up in the new mortuary may well get to rest in efficient, clean and state-of-the-art peace.

Photo by Matt Brown

Last Updated 12 February 2009


It's not that run down. It's in the nice bit of Tottenham, the posh neighbours kicked up a fuss.


If our readers know anyone who works here, put Londonist in touch. We'd love a tour.


The Coroner for Haringey, incidentally, is Andrew Walker, who was moved to the borough from Oxford last year after causing the MoD no end of trouble. Looks like someone's still on his side.