Londonist's Fetishism For Maps Infects London 2012

By Craigie_B Last edited 182 months ago
Londonist's Fetishism For Maps Infects London 2012

2012 map
Those who read us regularly will already know that we LOVE maps.

Basically, stick anything on a map - and it's likely that we will somehow find a way to write about it. We suffer a chronic fetish for anything map-related. Just whisper the word 'Cartography' suggestively in our ear, and we start trembling and our pupils dilate.

So when we spotted that London 2012 have just launched a new map, we immediately bookmarked it as a 'map favourite'. Essentially, it's a zoomable graphic map of the UK (or just London, or just the Olympic Park itself - depending on how you want to start off) with any of their blog entries or news articles from recent years tagged onto locations.

You can jump anywhere (such as all the different venues around London), check out the webcams on the Olympic Park, or 'scroll by time' to see how things have changed in the past or will look like in the future.

Yes, it's a bit of a gimmick and yes it's not got huge amounts of stuff on it yet. But go have a play - by the time the Games roll around it will surely be more populated than an Obama web gimmick.

Besides, it's a map, so we're happy. Did we mention we quite like maps?

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Last Updated 08 February 2009