Littlest Londonist: Classical Cherubs

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Last Updated 07 February 2009

Littlest Londonist: Classical Cherubs

classical_cherubs[1].jpg Are you bored with the soul-sucking sounds of Troy and Gabriella dropping High School Musical 'classics' such as 'We're all in this together' (are we really - God help us all)? If you and the minis are feeling culture-starved but not sure where to go for a wholesome fix, check out Classical Cherubs - a classical concert for parents and babies in Islington. It promises soft play, refreshments and the mellow sounds of Mr Mozart - and no one will shush you in an angry fashion if the kids scream. Though if you scream they might not be so understanding.

The concert is aimed at parents and those under 18 months, so they can't even sulk or refuse to attend. Hurrah!

Classical Cherubs is held at St Mary's Neighbourhood Centre on Upper Street, Islington, at 10.30am on 10 February. Tickets are £8 per adult and available from [email protected].