I Am In UR Recycling Watching U

By Lindsey Last edited 120 months ago
I Am In UR Recycling Watching U

Not content with being thrust into the media limelight via Dev Patel's newly found Slumdog Oscar fame, Harrow Council is making itself newsworthy trialling a Big Brother style who's recycling and who's not scheme fitting out dustcarts with i-spy digital technology.

Harrow are keen to emphasise that the technology is to enable them to 'remind' those who 'forget' to recycle and there are no plans to bring in penalties for those who, for whatever reason, don't put out a green box each week. Although this slightly worries us because sometimes we don't generate enough recyclable stuff to warrant putting the box out so will this mean we get put on a bad list and sent admonitory letters from time to time?

Well maybe, but we're not the target audience. Harrow already have a 3 bin system yet their recycling rate is less than 50% so perhaps this bit of tracking technology will help them find out how to ramp up the recyclables. Whatever the success of the scheme, let's hope we don't have to resort to a LOL cat headline ever again (sorry).

Last Updated 23 February 2009