So Long, Soho?

By Talia Last edited 118 months ago
So Long, Soho?

With Ghetto, Sin, Mean Fiddler, Metro, the Astoria and The End all having already pulled their doors firmly shut in the name of Crossrail, we're beginning to wonder if the alternative West End scene has any life left in it as yet another venue announces it's closure. This time it's the seriously overpriced but undeniably glitzy Soho Revue Bar falling not to a train track, but to the recession.

Originally London's original strip club Raymond's Revue in the 1950s, the club reopened as Too 2 Much and hosted Elton John's stag party, before becoming Soho Revue. Popular nights like Jodie Harsh's Circus have already relocated to The Last Days of Decadence in Shoreditch, while Trannyshack celebrated their last night in style yesterday before taking up residency at Freedom Bar on Wardour Street.

It certainly wasn't our favourite venue (that super expensive, but disgusting house wine was what did it) but we'll miss it for intimate gigs and memories of Patrick Wolf telling his audience he hoped we all 'went home and died of AIDS'.

Doors shut tonight. Go, party and pray for Soho.

Last Updated 29 January 2009