Preview: Peter Blake's Venice Suite

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Preview: Peter Blake's Venice Suite

1101.blake.jpg Peter Blake: the multi-talented Godfather of Pop Art. Multi-textured, multi-coloured, multi-layered pieces, usually with a multi-something price tag. He is perhaps responsible for setting off a whole generation of bad collages, but we forgive him. His bright and breezy take on modern life may often belie a darker sub-text, but his work invariably puts a big smile on our face.

Well, he’s got a new exhibition at the Paul Stolper Gallery right by the British Museum. And it starts this Friday. Collectors note: there are limited edition prints for sale (we always find this rather dangerous, and so forewarned is forearmed). The show comprises a collection of twenty new works depicting Venice: the artist visited and took inspiration from the city during its ‘bienniale’ in 2007. In brilliant blues and turquoise and gold and slate he captures the baroque grandeur of the city, whilst retaining his innate, well, Blake-ness.

Good news is that this is just the first leg of a Blake world tour, with London and Paris coming up soon. Definitely worth a lunchtime visit: but leave your credit card behind.

Now, where did we leave our box of cuttings....

Paul Stolper Gallery - 31, Museum Street WC1A 1LH

Tel: 020 7580 7001

Open Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

Last Updated 20 January 2009