Photograph Your Park

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 120 months ago
Photograph Your Park

Image courtesy of Matt from London
January might not be the bonniest month to be photographing your local greenery but Your London wants your snaps.

The GLA, local authorities and Green Spaces Forum want to create the definitive online guide to the capital's parks and open spaces. The site currently lists every park and green space across the boroughs and has lots of background information and detail about facilities, but no pictures. And it's no good planning a picnic if you can't see whether you'll be scoffing sandwiches in an idyllic meadow or a concrete playground, is it?

Which is where we come in. Photos of parks, wildlife, amenities and nature can all be uploaded via Facebook or Flickr. The only rules are that a person can't be the main subject of the photo and, obviously, the park has to be in London. And if you can label your photo with the name of the park (or the nearest road), the borough and the date the photo was taken, that would be even better.

It won't be long before snowdrops and crocuses start appearing - honest - and it's a great excuse to explore those little spots of green (or brown) that you always pass by.

Oh, and while we're here - don't forget to Help a London park! Voting closes at 5pm on Friday.

Last Updated 26 January 2009