London Sees Rise In Anti-Semitism

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 120 months ago
London Sees Rise In Anti-Semitism

Israeli rally, by Alistair Humphreys
The increase in violence in the Middle East has led to predictable consequences in Britain: a rise in anti-Semitism. There have been over 200 "incidents" since the end of December, including graffiti, anti-Jewish chants at protest rallies and, at the more extreme end, physical violence and an arson attack on a synagogue.

Community groups in Barnet are now calling on the police to offer greater protection around synagogues and kosher outlets. Meanwhile, in Harrow, the Borough Commander of Police has warned the local Jewish population to be "on the lookout" for terrorist attacks.

The grim equation between Middle Eastern violence and anti-Semitism is all too predictable, given the blanket coverage that the conflict gets and which, in the opinion of some, is biased against Israel. That certain protestors at the London peace march carried banners proclaiming their fealty to Hamas — a fundamentalist far right-wing group dedicated at its core to the destruction of the "Zionist entity", as they delightfully put it — is only one indication that some of the opposition to Israel is spawned by irrational hatred and racism rather than humanitarian objection.

Last Updated 29 January 2009