London Art Fair... Fair

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London Art Fair... Fair

Animals always entertaining.
Unless you're an artist with work for sale, an art trade type or a lucky soul with a grand or so in your pocket, set aside to purchase your first proper artwork, then it's hard to think why you'd come to the London Art Fair.

Sure, like last year, it's packed with high quality modern British and contemporary art of all description and tons of galleries are represented. But it's an art hypermarket with just as much soul. On our jaunt round we saw everything from Chagalls to stuff from our mate who lives in Hackney. But there's something about the Business Design Centre that sucks the life out us. Just as it made drinking beer seem a chore, it takes the charm out of art gazing, specially because all the stall holders are so bloody bored that they get the urge to talk to you if you stop and stare at their stuff. Less of London interest too, this year, although we did admire Peter Spens' massive London oil paintings (that would cost us a year's salary).

Art Projects and Photo50 return, the latter happily featuring a Morris Man and there are performance events, tours and talks on too. But frankly, if we hadn't had a comp, there's no way we'd have forked out £11-15.

London Art Fair 2009 is at the Business Design Centre, Islington until Sunday 5pm.

Last Updated 14 January 2009