Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra

2001.ee.jpg Yes: there is some other news today.

  • Cold case: a man is sentenced for a murder committed 11 years ago.
  • Vicious case: 3 men have been jailed for raping and attacking a girl with caustic soda. Suspicious case: police are puzzling over a mystery death in Mottingham. By the case: 4 off-licences have been fined for flogging dodgy voddy. Special case: David Weir has become the first ever non-councillor to be awarded the freedom of Sutton. Case pending: 15 cabin staff have been arrested following the discovery of 50kg of cannabis on their flight from Jo'burg to Heathrow. Deferred case: hacker Gary McKinnon has earned himself a reprieve. Lucky case: JLS have signed a major recording deal.

    Image by armenotti via the Londonist flickr pool

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