Class C Horseplay

By SallyB2 Last edited 120 months ago
Class C Horseplay Adventure loving (but incredibly stupid) Londoners, it would seem, are turning to a drug more commonly used as a horse tranquiliser. Ketamine (known to its friends as Special K or Vitamin K) was outlawed three years ago, but its usage is still on the rise according to the experts at DrugScope. In low doses it merely gives snorters the feeling that they’re king of the stable, but when injected it is far more dangerous, inducing hallucinations. So if you spot revellers attempting to jump fences, grazing at the kerbside or just whinnying incomprehensibly, you’ll know where they’re at. And that they’re plonkers. (Fun-loving horse/mondoagogo)

Last Updated 15 January 2009