What’s for Lunch? Camden Food Co

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What’s for Lunch? Camden Food Co
Camden Food Co

Londonist asks that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

Camden Food Co

Liverpool Street Station, EC2M 7PY


Contact for opening hours

Expect to Pay: Around £3 for a sandwich

Blech. We thought we were doing ourselves a favour (or choosing the least harmful of a handful of sorry options) when we slid into Camden Food Co's Liverpool Street Station franchise on the run and desperate for a spot of lunch. But a few bites into our corned beef, cheddar and pickle sandwich (for only £2.89) and we knew we were no better off than if we had grabbed a pasty from West Cornwall Pasty Co (which we quite like) just outside the station or even something from, say the M&S or McDonald's (neither of which we can really stand). Despite all the rigmarole about “eating right” that CFC goes on about with their packaging, in-store displays and on their website, the fact is that the food’s just not tasty and seems to be a re-configuration of the same-old-shit. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

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Last Updated 16 December 2008


I often take lunch in the St Pancras branch - they seem to have a wider selection of sandwiches than, say, Pret, at cheaper prices. The branch is usually fairly quiet, so it's a nice spot to take a long lunch and get away from the crowds. The food isn't awesome, but it's decent enough at the price.


I think when you wrote that piece you were having tetchy day. We find Camden one of the better food outlets and the quality of the food consistently good.

Our favourite branch was that at St Pancras but as of this writing (5/3/13) the outlet has shrunk and is but a shadow of its former self. I tried contacting them about this but all communications go through some outfit called SSP UK so I have little hope of a helpful answer.