Unchained Mini-Guide to Lamb's Conduit

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Unchained Mini-Guide to Lamb's Conduit

Of all the streets in London that offer a chunky slice of Unchained action, Lambs Conduit Street is probably the most celebrated. And rightly so. The setting is ancient charm, rammed with contemporary gorgeousness. It’s 21st century, Dickensian cool, like Mister Pickwick in jeans and cons. The streets are lined with gorgeous little spots to get fed and watered. And the shops? Oh the shops! Here are some of our favourites:

Something - Browsing through the homewares, gifts, jewellery and children's clothes feels a bit like browsing though a beautiful home. But without the fear of getting caught by the cops.

Folk - Cathal, the owner, wanted to create clothes that his friends would want to wear. You'll probably end up wanting to be his friend too.

Bikefix - Not your average bicycle shop. This place is packed to the gunnels with unusual pedal-power.

Kennards Good Foods - A food shop run by foodies for foodies. And a great place for coffee and cake. Yum!

Synphonic - If you're into CDs and MP3s, you're not welcome here. This shop only sells vinyl for the people who can really tell the difference.

Oliver Spencer - If this designer's good enough for The Rolling Stones, Paul Weller and a bunch of other celebs, surely it's good enough for you?

French's Dairy - This awesome jewellery shop is just off Lambs Conduit Street. It's like a well-curated gallery of alternative European designers. Mmmm.

Scent Systems - Sumptuous ready-to-wear and bespoke perfumes crafted from the finest natural ingredients.

Connock & Lockie - How many clothes shops do you know that are well over 100 years old? This tailor's shop is trip back in time.

Persephone Books - If out-of-print 20th Century female literature is your thing, this where you need to come for some beautifully designed reprints.

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shouldn't you change the headline on this to read 'lamb's conduit?'


Some other gems on this street are Badlambs (great hairdresser with a penchant for mirrors and dentist chairs), The Lamb (lovely old pub), The Lamb Bookshop (discount books, cards, generally pleasant little shop), and Bin Ends (wine store with an unusual range at good prices).

Nearby are Cockpit Arts (brilliant annual Christmas shopping event, unfortunately just passed) and around the corner on Theobalds Road are Theobalds Butcher (best butcher in London for my money) and Sfizio (great Italian cafe/restaurant/bakery/bar).


Stone the crows! I met my first shag at Gallery 57 in Lambs Conduit Street in 1983. Sadly, both are now closed to me coming inside ...