Survey Shocker - 1 In 3 Officially Nutcases

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Survey Shocker - 1 In 3 Officially Nutcases

That's probably not a fair summary of the survey in question, but hear this Londonista out.

A London church commissioned a survey of people's religious beliefs, with the results released (exclusively it seems) to the BBC. The Beeb reported, with a surprised look on its face, that 70% of people don't believe that the nativity happened in the way portrayed by small kids in church halls at this time of year.

Far be it from us to question the wisdom of the BBC, but we are more shocked that 30% of people believe that it did. So there was a virgin birth, a flimsy manger made of painted cardboard, a stuffed donkey (from Benidorm), an old doll (from someone's mum), your mates in a ripped up bedsheet as three kings (what's myrrh anyway?), some crappy bits of straw (nicked from a local field) and a church-ful of glowing parents squashed into pews, all willfully ignoring the mind-curdlingly intense screams from the baby at the back.

Now then - most of society hardly ever sees the inside of a church; and most of those that do, go only once or twice a year. So we are genuinely shocked that the '30%' figure, that believes the nativity, is so high. This may be influenced, of course, by who commissioned the survey. Over time, society is becoming increasingly secular, with church losing market share to other Sunday activities - spending time with family and friends; DIY; doing the washing; going out for a run; talking about politics; sleeping; and even - *shudder* - watching re-runs of 'Friends'.

Almost all of us have issues with the small number of dedicated fundamentalists that ram their beliefs down our throats - those brandishing loudspeakers or ramming pamphlets in your face at Oxford Circus; those that just launched a legal bid to nullify 18,000 marriages in the US. (On a side-note, how on earth can they pretend that destroying the security of these families is any way 'pro-family'?) But at least they have read up on their subject, done their research and spent hours and months pondering these issues before signing up to their particular views.

But the group identified in this survey are very different. These are people who bow to peer pressure, who never pray, who have never read a bible in their lives - but who pop to church once a year to give the appearance of being Christian, to assuage their guilt and then tick boxes in ignorance-checking surveys like this one.

Is this a reality TV thing - Do these people watch the nativity and believe it must be based on a documentary? Do they think the same about panto? Do they still believe in Father Christmas? Do they think that the characters in Sex And The City exist? Do they have the vote? Do they think that the Archangel Gabriel lives on the top of Christmas trees? Would they think this classic Kath and Kim moment is blasphemous?

*Goes off for a lie-in in a dark-room*

Festive Factoid For You To Baffle Your Family Around The Christmas Dinner Table - Father Christmas would need to visit 832 homes per second to deliver presents to all the children in the world. (That alone would save the Sherry industry from the credit crunch, no?)

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I'm with you Craig, good one. yep. this whole god thing is just a total figment of the imagination. Fear of the unknown. okay for the simple minds of those in the middle ages but in todays advanced society, no wonder the church audience is declining. not so much the credit crunch but a general injection of common sense and logic.

The only time I ever go to church is to photo/video weddings/funerals etc.

also apt to 'insult' a religious type persons. like working on a computer, I asked why they stored Christmas under Religion when it wasn't anything to do with religion. Case of open mouth, insert foot.


"The Beeb reported, with a surprised look on its face, that 70% of people don't believe that the nativity happened in the way portrayed by small kids in church halls at this time of year."

Erm, no they didn't. They actually reported that 70% of people doubted "the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus". Nothing to do with stuffed donkeys and poor child-acting, regardless of how amusing a posting that particular analogy makes.


thanks both

it's a comment on the news, not a news report.

my surprise was that the focus of the BBC report was on the 70% that doubted, rather than the 30% who believed.

humour just forced its way in. next time I'll try to resist.


Great piece - really enjoyed that.

If that statistic about Santa's need for speed on Christmas Eve is accurate, dude really needs to be upgrading that sled for something a little more high powered.


Disregarding the fact that you erroneously paraphrased the BBC article, for some reason you seem unable to differentiate between the nativity as a serious religious entity, and false beards and cardboard mangers.

I'm not a christian yet even I realise that the nativity is an important facet of christian life, and a subject of debate for learned christian intellectuals and well educated christians alike - regardless if only 10% of them actually attend church. I know plenty of bright, erudite people who would have ticked the "yes" box.

To headline then totally demean the 30% who believe in one of the cornerstones of christianity as "nutcases" is incredibly patronising, and a cheap shot.