Preview: Magna Saga

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Last Updated 22 December 2008

Preview: Magna Saga

Think all bands from Camden are fashion-conscious fairy boys who indulge in regular facials? Think again my friend, and go and experience Magna Saga in Oxford Street's Metro tonight. The band close a successful year which includes providing support for The Noisettes and The Subways, suggesting the next twelve months could be great ones for Magna Saga. Sounding not unlike a British Queens of the Stone Age, and possibly a more poker-faced Foo Fighters, you can expect to hear riff-heavy rock on the firmer end of the scale, with unpretentious and understated vocals from Tom Cameron. Sleek and slick, these boys will be a welcome oral addition as you grit your teeth post-central London Christmas shopping experience. Go along, drink a festive beverage, admire their tattoos and have a very merry Christmas.