Post New Year Revelry Option One

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Post New Year Revelry Option One

If you're not careful, New Year's Eve can often turn out to be an expensive anti-climax. For that reason, this Londonista tends to take things easy, watch the odd firework and be home for bed shortly after the witching hour.

As each event has been firmed up, this year's NYE clubbing calendar is looking pretty good, it has to be said. But we have spotted a growing trend on London's world-beating gay scene for some the best parties to take place on or after the night of the 1st January, rather than NYE. Gay venues can often lead the broader clubbing scene, so expect the rest of London's clubs to follow suit.

One bash that caught our eye is on at London's Hippodrome. Plans are afoot to develop and restore the place, which will take the fantastic and historic venue out of action for some time. Before then, the Salvation circuit party will be held on the 1st January from 6pm and we reckon this will be one of the best nights in the gay calendar. The blurb promises a 'decade of dance' although the billing says it lasts only until 1am (arf).

What better way to start 2009 than strutting your stuff at a big celebratory party in a wonderfully done-up venue while everyone else is still sleeping off their hangovers from mediocre NYE shenanigans?

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Last Updated 18 December 2008