Late At Tate: Beaconsfield's Terminal

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Late At Tate: Beaconsfield's Terminal

Vauxhall's Beaconsfield creative art laboratory is a good old fashioned artists' collective with a track record for the memorably odd. Curating the Tate Britain for December's Late At Tate, they sprinkled the galleries with the yeasty mix of stupid ideas and brilliant execution we've come to love them for. What they saw lacking from the Tate was the efficiency, range of services, and potential for awkward encounters provided by today's best airport terminals, and they did their best to bring in a bit of that delightful atmosphere. At least nobody lost their bags in coat check. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Note: we're also excited to learn that January's Late At Tate will be run by the crew of the cult London zine Savage Messiah.

Last Updated 06 December 2008