Homeless In The Capital At Museum Of London

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Homeless In The Capital At Museum Of London

The homeless can sometimes be invisible; it is easy to look the other way and ignore the bodies in doorways, curled up on discarded cardboard or huddled in underpasses. There's an even harder to see section of the homeless moving from sofa to spare room to hostel to street and back again. Homeless in the Capital is a new exhibition that gives faces to the faceless, names to the nameless and dignity to these Londoners seeking shelter where they can find it.

Diaries, video, artwork, poetry and artefacts of life on the streets have been collected over 18 months for a display that shows the daily life of the individuals who are homeless in London. The display was created in collaboration with The Connection at St Martin's, a charity that offers many services to the homeless including a day centre, night centre, healthcare, career advice and general support.

The Museum of London is not just about the history of London but also its state in present day and the people who make it such a fascinating place. As the cold weather gets colder and the rough sleeping gets rougher, spare a few thoughts for this section of London society and learn a bit more about the people and their lives.

Homeless in the Capital at the Museum of London, 4 December to 22 February 2009, free. For more information, go to the Museum of London website.

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