Breasts Or Brains?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 112 months ago
Breasts Or Brains?

Are we in a 70s timewarp? News that female London students are competing to be crowned Miss University of London immediately made us think Arrested Development's Girls With Low Self Esteem should be compulsory watching at Freshers' Week. Organisers approached 'suitable' women in bars while others signed up online for the chance to be measured, ogled and judged. One UCL student claimed “The horrible truth is everyone is objectified in a number of ways,” while going on to continue said objectification by promoting lechery over lectures.

Last Updated 05 December 2008

Jaz Cummins

This annoys me so much! I went to see Cherie Blair talk at the LSE this week, wish I'd asked her about it.

Feels like such a backwards step :-(