Barking Advice

By SallyB2 Last edited 184 months ago
Barking Advice we know that the Royal Veterinary College is a highly esteemed body of animal professionals. And as lovers of cute squidgy things we thoroughly applaud their efforts to improve the welfare and our understanding of our co-habitees on this earth. But we did raise an eyebrow when a snippet of their latest research was released this week: it was enough to make us wonder if they have been infected by some cross-species health and safety bug. Apparently it is dangerous to throw sticks for your dog to catch as the wood can pierce the lining of their mouth. So they urge us to desist. This would be funny if it didn't resemble so much EU goobledy-gook that comes out pertaining to animal rights. As it is, it is scary. Britain is a nation of pet lovers, and the few wretches who are cruel to animals will not be deterred by legislation. In the meantime, if you are worried, Londonist suggests tossing the nearest bureaucrat for your dog to fetch. (Photo/orhan)

Last Updated 30 December 2008