Ailurophobic? Then Stay Away From Town Tonight...

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Ailurophobic? Then Stay Away From Town Tonight...

If you have a deep-seated fear of cats, we recommend you head away to at least Zone 6 this evening. If you're a gazelle then you should probably do the same, as 'Big Cats' will be roaming Traffie Square from 4pm tonight.

Visit London, the capital's tourism promotion agency, is getting a reputation for some fun stunts. Our favourite remains last summer's fab turfing of our city's most famous square, and the invitation for Londoners and visitors to come and play on our new village green.

This year's Christmas being a bit credit-crunched, they're trying something new. From 4 o'clock they will be using some whizzy face-mapping technology to make one of Nelson's lions wake up and start to talk about all the good stuff going on in the capital at the moment.

It's a move to surprise passing Londoners and cause a bit of buzz and excitement - about all the shopping promotions, skating rinks, cool shows, major events and whatnot. Appropriately, the voice of the lion will be the silky-toned actor behind the Lion King's own Mufasa.

Is it a stunt? Well, yes, obviously. Will it work? We don't know. But if you have an Ailurophobic mum or a particularly nervous Zebra, you could have fun by coincidentally walking past Aslan as he wakes up tonight. Just don't blame us.

The lion statue will be up to his speaking tricks from 4-9pm tonight. Tell us what you make of it.

Watch a preview video of the feline nonsense here.

Image from Visit London

Last Updated 05 December 2008