The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness

79. Digging Up The Past

It began with a strange dream. Margaret Wilson had moved into her new home at Walthamstow but each night she was plagued by the same visions as she slept. Out of the darkness of slumber all she seemed to dream was of a rocket, devoured by flames, plummeting to Earth, and crashing into her back garden. At first she put this recurring dream down to the move, but every time it happened, she had a strong feeling that there was a body in her back garden.

After several of these perplexing dreams Margaret asked her husband Gilbert to excavate the garden. An unusual demand, but something that had been bugging her so severely had to come to some kind of realisation. Gilbert did indeed dig up several bones, an impressive pile in fact, and so the police were alerted – but when the bones were sent to the forensic laboratory, the results were negative; the remains belonged to an animal.

Despite the lack of the body she expected to find, Mrs Wilson learned that in the June of 1943, during the Second World War, a warden had disappeared in the area after an air raid – the exact location given of his vanishing being the Wilson's property. It was alleged that the warden had been killed by a bomb which hit the garden, but his body had never been found.

Had Margaret had a vision, a dream which had told her of the event but due to the lack of accuracy, prevented the discovery of the missing warden? Do the remains of the missing man still reside deep down in the soil of the Wilson's garden, or somewhere nearby in Walthamstow, or was Margaret's dream nothing more than a case of too much cheese late at night?!

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