Preview: Micah P. Hinson at the Scala, 6th November 08

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Preview: Micah P. Hinson at the Scala, 6th November 08

Now here’s something a bit different. Country meets Tom Waits with a hint of Al Stewart. A singer-songwriter who somehow manages to impart joy whilst singing about, well, pretty morose things really. The publicity blurb which we got sent refers to Micah P. Hinson as an ‘alt-country troubadour’, which sums him up quite well really.

The Texas singer seems quite partial to London – he asked his now wife to marry him whilst on stage at the Union Chapel, which must have made for a mighty fun night out. And a happy ending for someone who seems to have had quite a few of life’s harder knocks thrown at him already. But hard knocks tend to make for hot-diggity lyrics and straight-to-the-heart-riffs, which Hinson has a-plenty.

Anyway, he’s back in London this Thursday at the Scala. Tickets are £13.50, and you can get them here. AND he’s got a new album out, Micah P. Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra. Gimmick-free country music with a twist. All good stuff.

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