Making a Mint Out of Polo

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Making a Mint Out of Polo

Capitalism is alive and well and hoofing it towards Hurlingham. Erstwhile London banker Daniel Fox-Davies has seen a gap in the market, and is galloping ahead with a plan to bring polo home, back to the centre of London. And get it on the telly. And in other cities around the world. And make piles of steaming dosh out of it.

It is rare to see such barefaced commercialism in these caring sharing times of ours. When we picked up on this story we expected a twist: was there to be an academy set up for deprived inner city kids? Subsidised pitches for Peckham? Charitable chukkas in Chertsey? Nope. This is just about the money. Polo always was and looks set to continue to be a game for the wellied clases. Which makes it rather refreshing really. Even if it makes us mugs for seeking schmaltz where there was none.

So we take our hard hats off to him.

(We should add that we’ve sneakily watched Secret Millionaire whilst we’ve been pretending to do the ironing, and so we know many acts of real kindness are indeed kept *secret*.)(Benefit of the doubt, and all that.)

The boy dung good, from Marcus B*’s Londonist flickr stream.

Last Updated 08 November 2008