London Filmmakers’ Oily Hemp Seed Goodness

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London Filmmakers’ Oily Hemp Seed Goodness
Good Oil Dinner Party

It’s always inspiring to hear about Londoners making a go of a dream, especially when the dream is based upon a healthy, sustainable idea. Take West Londoners Henry Braham and Glynis Murray for example. Not content to rest on their laurels and relish in their successes in the film industry, Braham and Murray have connected to their farming backgrounds to produce Good Oil, a “high-quality and healthy UK product” made of hemp seed. According to the cinematographer and film producer partners, the reintroduction of hemp seed (one of the oldest crops to be grown in the UK) to British soil was just the inspiration they needed.

After years of experimenting (and working through a few batches of not-quite-as-good-as-it-could-be oils), their nutritious hemp seed “super-oil” hit the market in 2005. Boasting no trans-fats but plenty essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), their oil is made from the harvested hemp seeds from their North Devon farm. Oh yeah, Good Oil tastes good too! Use it like you might olive oil and you’re set. Go for a little more culinary creativity (drizzle some on ice cream or pop corn or blue cheese) and see just how great Good Oil can be.

Good Oil hemp seed oil is available in London at most branches of the biggie supermarkets as well as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and a number of quality independent grocers. For more about the trials and triumphs of developing Good Oil, as well as recipes, product information and more, visit

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 21 November 2008