How Joan Of Arc Felt

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How Joan Of Arc Felt

We fell across a jewel on Youtube from last Bonfire Night and, well, we thought we'd share.

Some bright spark (arf) apparently decided to find out what it's like to be a burning Guy on a bonfire.

So, building the Guy, they made one major alteration to the centuries-old traditional model of 'straw + newspapers + clothes-that-even-Primark-would-have-rejected-had-they-been-new + Michael-Howard-mask'. They gave the Guy - called 'Bob', endearingly - a working CCTV camera as a head.

Details of the project, with pictures of 'Bob' before he was foisted onto the burning pyre, here.

The somewhat eerie video transmitted during Bob's final minutes, here.

Students, eh? *Tuts* *Rolls eyes*

Image from Joffley's Flickrstream

Last Updated 15 November 2008