Hothouse At The Horniman Museum

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Hothouse At The Horniman Museum

It's chilly out there, ain't it? What we all need is a bit of fire, some sparks and a dose of steamy tango-inspired theatre to liven us up in the early dusk. Get thee down to south-east London then, to Hothouse, the provocative new show by Teatro Vivo performed in an evocative setting. Which is what they're good at, considering the resounding success of their last production which brought Shakespeare to the loose produce aisle in a south London Sainsburys.

Hothouse is the tangled tale of the Magician, his assistant, the artist and his muse and the messy jealousies, passions and scandal they plunge each into together. The action and tango unfolds to live music provided by LSO players and the audience is free to wander around the Victorian hothouse of the Horniman Museum with a drink and the opportunity to chat and mingle with everyone else - actors, musicians and audience members.

If it sounds good to you, make your way to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill tonight, tomorrow night or Saturday. And be ready to dance: there is a free tango taster lesson after each show. Theatre rarely sweeps you off your feet so thoroughly, so grab this chance by the horns and enjoy.

Hothouse at the Horniman Museum. For more information, go to the Teatro Vivo website.

Image of the Horniman Museum by Matt Brown

Last Updated 06 November 2008