Dollis Hill House Doldrums

By Lindsey Last edited 127 months ago
Dollis Hill House Doldrums

Seems we jumped for joy too soon, back in June. We rejoiced that the Heritage Lottery Fund were ploughing £1.25 million into the restoration of this historic house where former PM Gladstone used to go to recuperate but now Boris has gone and diverted GLA funds to Training for Life, the partner organisation for the Dollis Hill House Trust, which means that a £2 million hole has opened up in the renovation plans which could mean the demolition ball after all.

Ironic really, when only yesterday his cultural manifesto - which embraces culture in the widest sense - was chuntering on about investing more in the outer boroughs. Perhaps some pointed feedback for that consultation is in order.

Image of Dollis Hill House under ever more expensive scaffolding courtesy of diamondgeezer under the Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Last Updated 25 November 2008