You Don't Have Enough Social Networking In Your Life

By Lindsey Last edited 125 months ago
You Don't Have Enough Social Networking In Your Life

'The Londoners' have gone online in stage two of the considerateness offensive launched by Transport for London in January this year.

Together for London is now not just a mild poster campaign against littering, smelly food and selfish seat hogging but a full blown forum for moaning about the state of our city and an online suggestion box for ways to improve it. The forum is fully moderated so things don't get too upsetting but TFL say, it's a place to get talking and - steady now - they "don't even mind some friendly disagreement."

Going live today, it's been seeded with content for you to grapple with (dirty streets, dawdlers, pointless announcements and feet on seats). The look is as nice and friendly as its cartoon protagonists with no sharp edges and easy on the eye design. It bursts at the seams with good intent but have you really got time in your virtual life for yet another social networking, foruming site? Particularly one as saccharine as this when you could be fully bitching about stuff in Londonist's comments?

Sign up to be a "Little Londoner" and stick your oar in if you wish at

Last Updated 24 October 2008