The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness
Lady ghost

74. A Gaggle Of Ghosts: Part Four – Ghostly Women

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue... black, white and grey too! Not just the colours of the rainbow but also the many varying types of spectral woman seen around the world. Just like black and grey monks, ladies adorned in varying colours are considered the archetype female spirit as they are oft' seen floating through graveyards, dusty corridors of old buildings, and also haunting roadways and dark paths.

London is full of such apparitions, lost women yearning for love, as well as destination. At Bellingham in south-east London, Alice Grant, who was killed in the September of 1868, is still said to haunt a stretch of road where she perished many years ago. In her white blouse she drifts aimlessly in some time warp, possibly looking for the bicycle she was knocked from by a brewery dray. A spirit adorned in grey loiters throughout Wandsworth Prison in the south-west. It could well be the phantom of a Victorian woman named Annie who sombrely strolls through the cold corridors.

One of the most eerie female spooks lurks in Wanstead, is said to be draped in white and haunts the local churchyard. However, this ghost is said to be connected to the unnerving phantom that resembles a skeleton, which is said to stroll through the tombs pushing a coffin cart. The lady in white has been seen reaching out for the ghastly figure.

Another more troublesome lady in white haunted The Plough Inn at Clapham Common. The spectre was known as Sarah, and was said to have spooked several owners of the place, particularly in the 1970s when a secret room was discovered in the pub. Strange noises were often heard at night and the pet dog was always agitated when in her presence.

Ghostly women are possibly the most common of all ghosts, so I'm sure we'll be hearing more about them here...

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