Sherlock Holmes In: The Adventure Of The Mockney Rebel

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Sherlock Holmes In: The Adventure Of The Mockney Rebel

In his short story The Final Problem Arthur Conan Doyle, suffering from an "overdose" of his most famous character, decided to smite Sherlock Holmes; the deerstalker-clad 'tec was apparently killed in a tussle with nemesis Moriarty, the pair plunging over Reichenbach Falls to their doom. Public outcry saw Doyle resurrect Holmes for The Adventure of the Empty House, yet had he lived to see this day, he perhaps would have considered leaving him interred: it has been announced that Jude Law will playing the erstwhile assistant Dr. Watson to Robert Downey Jr's eponymous ruminator, in an "all-action" film directed by Guy Ritchie.

Yes, Ritchie, purveyor of tedious mockney gangster films, arm jewellery on the burly biceps of Madonna, and local publican, is to make a movie on the life of London's most famous fictional character. And the lead will be played by an American, with support from one of the more overrated of today's actors, one who already has a reputation for ruining British classics.

Said the director: "It won't be a traditional Guy Ritchie thing, it will be a new Guy Ritchie thing." Note that the last time Guy tried "new things" we got Swept Away and Revolver, two catastrophic clunkers that nearly swept his entire career down the crapper before this year's RocknRolla steered him back on to the gangsters-by-rote caper that made him. He's already announced that Moriarty, while he will appear, will go under the name of Blackwood. Richard, perhaps? Only Guy knows, but we wouldn't put it past him.

It's enough to make the turgid prospect of a comedic version, with Sasha Baron Cohen as Sherlock and Will Ferrel as Watson - a film simultaneously in production - seem elementary.

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I can't say I have a lot of faith in Mr. Ritchie, I have no problem with Downey Jr and Law but I don't see this being anything but a smear on the name of the Great Detective, the same can probably be said for Baren Cohen's take.

Maybe it'll wind up being a case of Sherlock Holmes and the adventure of the overrated director?


What’s that you say two Sherlock Holmes Movies at the same time, all we need now is a Truman Capote Sherlock Holmes tag team superhero movie and we can truly say that there is nothing new in Tinseltown.

In the past there have been some truly great Sherlock Recons, I'm thinking Ben Kingsley and Michael Cain or how about Basil the great mouse detective, with these notable exceptions it would seem Hollywood really is without a clue.

The concept of a Sher-lock stock and two smoking calabash pipes or a Borat on Baker Street movie is an insult to the memory of the excellent Jeremy Brett who should be posthumously knighted not to mention Doyle himself.

But then again why should we be surprised that once Hollywood finds a good idea for a movie it batters it till it bleeds.