Terrorising Tufty

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Terrorising Tufty

Whaddya know – you spend years teaching kids how to cross the road, and then the little buggers grow up, get into gardening, and try to drown you. Apparently that is the fate that awaits Tufty if he strays on to certain allotments in Waltham Forest, where one of the allotted ones has been advising his fellow hoe bearers on how to get rid of furry visitors.

Now admittedly Mr. Nutkin can be a bit sticky pawed. And yes, okay, we know that he's vermin. But readers – have you ever watched him eat a hobnob? He’s got hands, for goodness’ sake. Cute as chestnut pie.

Hide yer nuts. Blow a whistle. Throw a bucket of water at him. But don’t hurt him. Even if the cuteness doesn’t get to you, just think how silly you’ll feel up in court on a rap of sciuro-cide: it’s plain and simple illegal to kill wild animals, you see.

Homo-sciuric exchange from miss hay's Londonist flickr stream.

Last Updated 08 October 2008