Review: Memory Cloud

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Review: Memory Cloud

The Memory Cloud is an interactive art installation which relies on the general public sending in messages via a text message which is then displayed as "light-and-air smoke signals". Sounds impressive? It sure does. It conjures up the idea of mixing new age and ancient technology however, Londonist feels that it was no more sophisticated than something you may encounter at school dance in this day and age. The messages at times were difficult to decipher, especially during very unpredictable gusts of wind but this did not deter people from texting in.

So, what did the people of London have to say? Some were more imaginative than the others but the most popular words and partial phrases included "London", "Love", "Chicken", "Boris is", "Nelson", "Welcome Home" and "Marry Me".

If you wish to have your name up in lights and smoke, the Memory Cloud can be see at Trafalgar Square on the 8th-10th October from 7:00pm-9:30pm.

Last Updated 09 October 2008